phrases for a trip to Italy

17 essential phrases for a trip to Italy

Are you planning on traveling to Italy? You’ve got the tickets, hotel bookings, a list of places you want to visit but there’s one more thing you really need and that is some basic Italian vocabulary. Most Italians...

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Spanish songs

Love for music and languages: Spanish songs

If you are reading this, you probably have at least a couple of favourite Spanish songs. A lot of people start learning Spanish just so they can understand the lyrics – they all sound so beautiful! When you start looking up...

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Why do people quit learning a language?

I’ve been there, and I know you’ve been there, too. You start learning a language, you are excited at first, you think you can make it and can’t wait to start communicating in this language, and then a few days...

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The funniest way to improve your French

If you have been struggling with learning French, you probably wonder how you could make it less difficult and more fun. I present to you my favuorite way to practice French without even thinking about it: izap4u.

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