Online Language Courses

Creating online language courses is another way for me to try and help people who are motivated to learn a new language, or improve their language skills. I try to make them straight to the point, interesting, and efficient. If you have any ideas on how to make online learning more effective, or suggestions for new courses, let me know!

Italian for travelers (FREE)

Italian for travelers online language course

Italy is one of those places that make you want to understand the local language as soon as you get there. It just has this amazing vibe that gets into you. Of course, you could somehow manage without a word in Italian but you’d lose on some of the most valuable interactions – those with locals who can recommend the shortest route, the best restaurant or tell you the story of their city.

This online course in Italian for travelers is going to give you some of the most fundamental knowledge when it comes to traveling in Italy.

Italian for beginners


Italian is a beautiful language which is spoken by over 60 million people in the world. Whether you are going to Italy, or you have Italian friends you want to be able to understand, or you need it for work, learning the basics will give you a perspective of a vast and rich culture.

This Italian for beginners course contains more than 50 lessons divided into 15 modules. They cover all fundamental grammar principles without dragging on about unnecessarily complicated concepts.

Business English Online Course (FREE)

Business English Online Course

The thing is the English which they teach you at school, or the one you learnt from the movies, or the one you speak with your international friends, is not the kind of English you are expected to use at your job. Business environment requires business English.

Basic Bulgarian language

Bulgarian for beginners

Bulgarian language is considered a fairly difficult language to learn, mainly due to its complex grammar and typical Slavic pronunciation. As with anything unfamiliar, it looks hard at first, until you understand the logic behind the language and learn the first 100 words.

This course is designed to provide the most essential knowledge needed for a great start. After completing this course, you will be able to have basic conversations and use the most common words and phrases in Bulgarian spoken today.